Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bedroom and Bathroom Redecorating

We have lived in our home now for 12 years. For all of that time, my bedroom and bathroom decor has been seriously neglected. The furniture is a collection of items that have been given to us so nothing really matches. I didn't try to decorate because nothing seemed to fit right and I don't claim to be much of a decorator anyway.

A few months ago, I decided it was time to get my act together and make my room feel like an adult room. My husband helped me paint and put down new flooring in our bathroom. I bought a new comforter set and curtains. I was blessed with money for my birthday so I bought a few accessories to try to pull everything together. We still have the same furniture, but with a little paint it looked really good.

I chose to use a dark reddish/purple color on the wall where our bed is because we don't have a headboard. The other three walls were painted a neutral color. Even though the nightstands don't match, I did buy matching lamps! :)
We painted the bathroom green and I spraypainted the light fixture, my baskets, and the heating/ac vent to match the mirror over the toilet.
It all seems to have a flow to it now even if it isn't new. It seems more like an adult space, too. I am very pleased.

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