Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Slip covers for my sofas

My sofas are 13 years old and really need to be replaced. The fabric is threadbare. They have been through 4 children in their toddler years. Need I say more??? There is a broken spring that is sticking out between two cushions. But the thing is I cannot afford furniture right now so I decided slip covers were the only option. I ordered SureFit brand from JCPenney in dark chocolate brown. They were on sale and I got free shipping so the cost wasn't too bad. The fit? Hmmm.... Overall, I guess I am pleased. On the sofa we had to tuck the material under it and lift the sofa to sit on it because it was too short. It is very stretchy so it worked out fine. Other than that, I am happy. The material is very soft and thick. It isn't thin and flimsy. They were easy to install taking all of 5 minutes.


  1. I LOVE them Lisa!! I have been wanting for get covers for our couches for about a year now and wondered how well they worked. I want the chocolate brown color like yours too. So glad you shared about these. We have a sectional so I will have to see if they have covers to fit one.

    I also love the changes to your blog. It's beautiful!!!

  2. Thank you Jen! I like them.
    With the kids tumbling around on them, they do need to be retucked quite a bit but I don't mind that. I am always fluffing pillows or folding throws so tucking is no big deal. :)

    Thank you for the blog compliments. I like messing around with it trying to get it look pretty.


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