Friday, October 9, 2009

Laundry Room Makeover

This isn't a very feminine subject, but I have been sweating this week. It is so humid here. Just sticking my head outdoors makes my hair kink and my body sticky. Yuck! I despise humid weather. Despite the miserable weather, I have been trying to tackle my laundry room/pantry this week. Too much stuff and a hot woman in a small room is not a good formula. :) Somehow I did manage to get the pantry area cleaned and organized. Here are some before shots.

I had been wanting to tackle this project for a while. It just always seemed to be put on the backburner. I did a major shopping trip this week to restock so I decided it was time to bite the bullet and make myself do it.
Hubby built me some shelving a long time ago but I had never painted it or covered them. The food was just piled up and unorganized. I could never find anything and I was buying duplicate items because I couldn't find what I had bought.

I took everything out, cleaned the shelves and covered them with white contact paper. Then I painted some baskets I had on hand, used some plastic bins I had, and made some labels. I bought the plastic lidded containers at walmart for less than $3 each. I was tired of having half opened bags of flour and sugar stuck in whatever container I could find. So, I shined up my new containers and spiffied them up with labels and here is the result:

I did spend a little money on the contact paper. It was $1.99 a roll and I bought 3. I also found the curtains for $4.95. Nothing fancy but they will do for now. The plastic containers were the biggest expense. I probably spent about $15 on them.
Next I decided it would be cute to chalkboard the panels on the back of the door(even though it isn't a smooth surface) and use this as a place to record needed items. So, being the novice that I am I taped the area off without putting anything on the surrounding door. And I started spraying. Needless to say, I got overspray on the white door which was hard to cover. I had planned to repaint the door anyway but I made it harder on myself. Plus I was closed up in that small room which was so neat and clean from my hard work the day before. And...umm.... now my clean white shelves and all my food was covered in black dust. Ugh!!!! I guess if I am going to do DIY projects, it will take some time to learn the best way to do things. I learned this time that the next time I will take the door off it's hinges and do any spray painting outside!!!! Here is the result of my frustrations. It turned out okay I suppose.


  1. Doesn't it just feel good to be organized?! And I really like your door with the chalkboard paint!

  2. Great makeover! The chalkboard on the door panels is simple and a great use of what you have. I always love looking into my pantry or cabinets and seeing everything neat and organized. Too bad is doesn't stay that way...

  3. love the chalkboard on the door panels! the makeover looks awesome! Don't you love it when you've got a huge project looming & you dive in and get it done?!


  4. How neat, I love how you painted the different panels of the door!

  5. Wow! Great job! I like your door! I have to admit, that I am a spray paint novice too. lol. But we will learn I suppose!
    I love your "living Glory to Glory" title too. I just heard a sermon titled "Glory to Glory" and it was full of inspiration... :)

  6. Thank you ladies for your sweet and encouraging comments.


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