Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowy Day

This was the view today from the side door of my house.  Snow is rare in Alabama.  So this year has been a treat for us.  We have had several snow days.  I am a softy so I wasn't very demanding in the school department today.  Since snow is a treat, we  my kiddos took advantage of it.   You won't catch me out in that cold.  I prefer to stand by the window with my hands wrapped around a warm mug smiling happily at my beloved offspring.  Rosy cheeks and shining eyes make my heart happy.

They had snowball fights, slid down the hill, walked in the woods, and even built two snowmen. Here is one of them.  My big boy is so tall I couldn't get the snowman and him in the photo.  Thankfully the snowman was short and he didn't mind that his lower half was cut out.  He prefers headshots.
Did you get snow where you live?  I heard somewhere that it is possible that all 50 states will have snow. 

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