Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to Basics

This is my new educational toy. 

After much research, I finally decided to buy a grain mill.  I am trying to find ways to save our health and save us money.  It was a big initial investment but I am hoping the health benefits and baking from scratch will make it worth it. 

This particular mill is the Wondermill, formerly the Whispermill.  I purchased ours from The Bread Beckers.  I was convinced of the health benefits after listening to Sue Becker's CD, which they will send you free, and watching some of the video classes they have online, which are also free. 

I tried my hand at milling this afternoon and baked bread, rolls, and cinnamon rolls.  I wasn't sure about the basic recipe and I got mixed up on the grains.  Hard red wheat is for yeast breads.  Hard white wheat can be used for yeast breads.  And soft white wheat is for pastries, cakes, cookies, etc.  In my excitement, I milled hard red and soft white instead of hard white.  My bread and rolls were okay but were pretty tasteless.  The cinnamon rolls were good.  But, hey, it was my first try.  All in all I guess it turned out okay.  We didn't have any rolls left and half the pan of cinnamon rolls are gone. 

Once I get the hang of this, I will try to do a post about the process.

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