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Book Review: Untamed by Lisa Harper

Book Review:  Untamed 
By:  Lisa Harper

From the Publisher:


Have you met the real Jesus—the One who is wild enough to set you free?
Too many people settle for relating to Jesus merely as a comfortable friend and companion, when what we all need is an untamed Savior, a fearless champion tough enough to conquer our shame and compelling enough for us to follow him without hesitation.

I finally realized my caricature of Jesus wasn’t big enough to calm my anxiety or heal my wounds or defeat the wickedness in our world. Pretending Jesus is less than He is resulted in someone I wasn’t compelled to worship. So I began a journey to discover the whole Jesus—including the seemingly rough and wild parts—revealed in the Bible. And I found Him to be bigger and better than I ever dreamed.
—Lisa Harper


My Review:

 I have lived on the wild side and it caused me to be broken.  Thankfully, I have a Savior.. a Healer.  He has gone to great lengths to reach me and heal me. 

I have never thought of Him as being wild. Safe and solemn would probably better paint the picture I have had in my mind.  In her book, Untamed, Lisa Harper introduced me to the wild side of Jesus.   In a humorous writing style, Lisa creatively demonstrates from scripture the wild side of Jesus as He left people speechless and bewildered. 

It is so easy to limit Jesus to what our finite minds can understand but He is so much more!!  One of my favorite quotes from the book says "We need an untamed Savior because only a wildly faithful and wildly fearsome Jesus can free us to lean confidently into His affection and fall reverently at His feet- which is real worship!"

In the video above, Lisa shares a testimony which she also talks about in the book where Jesus had her do something radical...untamed...which helped bring a woman to know Him.   

I enjoyed this book.  There are study questions at the end of each chapter so this book could be used for personal or group discussion and study. 

I received this book in exchange for my honest review from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers. 

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  1. The video had me in tears! Thanks for sharing, Lisa. I never grow tired of hearing the recklessness of God!


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