Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Big Green Pocketbook by Candace Ransom
This is my two little ones favorite B4FIAR book. Both of them adore this book. I purchased the FNL from http://www.fiardigital.com/ so that we could enhance our daily reading or I should say readings. I purchased the required green felt and today we assembled our green pocketbooks. I printed the storefronts from the FNL and taped them all over the house. We then acted out the story and moved from store to store gathering our items for our pocketbooks. It was so much fun!
The clown H5 liked it best and of course was a doll. Bman was another story. He wanted to take the bus stations everywhere and he would not put a thing in his pocketbook. Of course, his daddy praised him because he is a little leary of Bman's affection for a story that revolves around a pocketbook.

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