Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Decorating

My friends over at the Five in a Row message boards have been doing some redecorating and posting the links to the decorating blogs they are reading. I have been doing some home improvement projects little by little and reading the blogs was just the inspiration I needed. I went to a local thrift store today and brought home some treasures for $5. Love it!!!

The basket is going on my front porch, I think. I plan to paint the candle holder and attach some more ribbons to the topiary and use them in my kitchen redo. The red bowl is going to be a planter and sit on my outdoor bakers shelf.

This is a metal retangular something. I don't know what. It matched my bakers rack that I got at a yard sale recently. It is the same color and has the same ivy leaves and it was 50 cents so I bought it. I think it might be cute with potted plants in it. The old wooden picture frame is my favorite buy of the day. It was 50 cents, too. I plan to attach some tin and then punch the words HOME SWEET HOME in it and hang it by our entrance door. The little rooster box that says welcome is going on my front porch. Another 50 cents!!!

If you have any suggestions about how to use these items, I would LOVE to hear them so leave me a comment. Thanks!!

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