Friday, September 25, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

I went to our local Christian Center thrift store this week and found a few things that I thought I could use for my house or to alter and give away as gifts. I am trying to make as many Christmas presents as possible. I found this metal stand. I didn't even paint it. I just cleaned it up and put some orange candles on it and put it on my coffee table.

Next, I found a couple of vases and two art prints. I don't know if I can use the larger one but the one of the boy I may frame and put in my bathroom. I plan to frost the red vase and put a design on the front or an initial. I am not sure what I am going to do with the other one yet. Any ideas?

I also found a couple of purses in like new condition for my girls. They love purses. There weren't any yard sales advertised this week. I guess it is because it is the end of the month. It has been raining the last few weeks so I haven't been yard shopping in weeks. I feel the need!!

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