Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tree Planting

Our local forestry commission was giving away trees on Friday. They had a limit on certain ones but there were some you could get as many as you wanted. We got two crape myrtles, two willow oaks, two chinese dogwoods, six long leaf pines, and eight river birches. My sweet hubby went out with us and directed us on how to plant them. He hasn't been out much since his surgery so getting out in the sunshine was good for him even though it was cold. We used a pipe to make the holes. A. did this for us. The trees are very young so the hole didn't need to be big. The pipe made a perfect size hole. We put pipe around them and staked for protection until they get a little bigger. We fertilized them well. The ground is very wet so we didn't water them.

It will take a while for these little trees to grow strong and tall but in the meantime we will protect them, fertilize them, and give them an anchor to keep them growing straight. That reminds me of how we need to do the same with our blessings from heaven. They are little and fragile when they come. They must be protected, nurtured, and given an anchor of truth to keep them growing straight and healthy.

Happy Sunday. I pray you are blessed and well today!

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