Monday, March 1, 2010

New Chapter in Life

Today marks a new chapter in our lives. Our firstborn is growing up. Of course we knew that. He is 14 after all and if the facial hair and deep voice didn't give it away, the fact that he is taller than my hubby and myself screams right in my face that he is growing up.
We left him today in a new place with strangers. I left him in a place where he knew no one. And did I mention he is extremely shy? What kind of mother am I? What was I thinking?
The truth is he is attending a week long event called Teen Pact. You can read about it here.

This is a quote from the founder, Tim Echols
When the time comes to learn lessons in political science, Christian students all across the nation are turning to a TeenPact state capitol experience instead of just a textbook. TeenPact teaches the foundations of government with the legislative branch, beginning with a week-long session at the student's own capitol.
Spiritually, TeenPact teaches Biblical principles of government and family, going hand-in-hand with the values of families who participate. It is very important that our young people see that spiritual revival is the answer to America's problems - not politics. We teach students that every Christian must pray and vote according to Biblical principles.
Overall, studies in government are beneficial in any vocation. Our hands-on civics courses offer an incredible platform for rhetoric, interpersonal communication, and current events. There is a great need for godly, powerful communication within any arena and our goal is to train up a generation of young people to fill that need.

It is a really good program that came highly recommended to us from two other families. In fact, we were blessed with an anonymous scholarship for our son to attend. So even though we left him in a new place with strangers, we really did it for his own good.

He looked so grown up in his suit and tie which is the required dress code.  AND guess what I forgot to do? I forgot to take his picture!! I can't believe it. I will try (if this foggy brain will let me) to remember to take it Friday when we pick him up.

I was so impressed with the young people we met today. They walked right up to us and introduced themselves while looking us dead in the eye. It was a breath of fresh air to see such high standards in young people. They were eloquent, friendly, engaged us in conversation, befriended our son, and overall just knocked our socks off.

I really think this is going to be a super experience for our boy. But I am sure you will understand that my heart is breaking as well. I covet all prayers for my boy and for his mommy.

Now I am going to sit back and hope he phones home tonight. My hubby hopes he is having so much fun he forgets all about us and I want that for him too but I secretly (NOT) want my baby to call.

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